Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft PowerApps allows candidate to build applications without having any development skills, that are mobile friendly on top of their data. Allowing other users to browse the data and maybe even modify it.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Power Apps
  • What is Power Apps
  • Types of Power Apps
  • Introduction to Power App Studio
Module 2: Overview of Dataverse
  • What is Microsoft Dataverse
  • Tables in Dataverse
  • Creating the Table in Dataverse
  • Columns in Dataverse
  • Forms in Dataverse
  • Views in Dataverse
  • Relationships in Dataverse
  • Dashboards and Charts
Module 3: Overview of Solution
  • Introduction to Solution
  • Types of Solution
  • Best practice of use solution


Module 5: Introduction to Process in Model-Driven Power Apps
  • Business Rule in Model Driven App
  • Workflow in Model Driven AppAdd Business Process Flow in Model Driven App


Module 7: Start with the Canvas Apps
  • Creating First Canvas App from Template
  • Creating First Blank Canvas App
  • Screens in the Canvas App
  • Properties of Canvas App Screen


Module 9: Notifications and Navigation in Canvas App
  • Navigate from one screen to another screen
  • Show notification in Canvas App
Module 11: Dataverse Source with Canvas App
  • Create form from Dataverse column
  • Use Dataverse view in canvas appCreate record in Dataverse from Canvas App
Module 13: Gallery, Date Table, Form in Canvas App
  • What are Data Table, Form, and Gallery
  • Difference between Data Table & Gallery
  • Add Galleries and customize Galleries in Canvas
  • Add form and types of form in Canvas
Module 15: Variables in Canvas App
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Types of Variables
  • Scope of Variables
  • Set Value of Variables
  • Implementation with example
Module 17: Version and Restore Canvas App
  • Define Versioning
  • Restoring a Version
Module 19: Sharing the Power Apps
  • Sharing App to User
  • Sharing App to Team
Module 21: License and Costs of Power Apps
  • Overview of License and Cost in Power App
  • Different types of Licenses in Power App
Module 4: Introduction to Model-Driven Power Apps
  • What is Model-Driven Power Apps
  • Site map in Dataverse Table
  • Add Views and Forms in Model-Driven Apps
  • Add Charts and Dashboards in Model-Driven Apps
  • Assign Security Roles in Model Driven App
Module 6: Introduction to Canvas Apps
  • What is Canvas App
  • Building Blocks of Canvas App
  • Introduction to Canvas App Studio
Module 8: Canvas Examples and Controls
  • Different Kinds of Controls
  • Adding a Control
  • Reordering, Moving, and Resizing the Controls
  • Configuring the Control from the toolbar
  • Configuring the Control fusing properties
  • Configuring the Control using formula
Module 10: Connectors of Power Apps
  • Introduction to Power Apps Connectors
  • Different Kinds of Connectors in Power Apps
  • Using the Dataverse as the data source
Module 12: SharePoint Online data source with Canvas App
  • Creating the SharePoint List
  • Using the SharePoint as the data source in Power Apps
Module 14: Power Fx and Logical Condition in Power Apps
  • What is Power Fx
  • If – Else Condition in Canvas
  • Switch Conditions in Canvas
  • Implementation with example
16: Process sales
  • Creating the Custom Forms and function to submit the data
  • Filter and Lookup Function in Canvas
  • Differentiating Lookup, Search, and Filter
  • Group by function in Canvas App
Module 18: Custom Pages in Power App
  • Introduction to Custom Pages
  • Create and use of Custom Pages
  • Embedded Custom Page in Model Driven App
Module 20: Export or Import Power Apps
  • Export Power App
  • Import Power App