Microsoft Power Automate

In Microsoft Power Automate you will have a detailed understanding on creating the automated workflows between all your favourite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, and also collect data. In this training, you will also learn to create and manage the automate process.

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Course Content

Module 1: Overview of Power Automate
  • Define Power Automate
  • Introduction to Power Automate Flows and its different kinds
  • Different Connectors in the Power Automate
  • Power Platform Admin Center
Module 2: Environment Setup
  • Create Flow from template
  • Introduction To various Flow templates available.
  • Understand Flow runs and Flow details Page
  • Understanding Different Power automate Connectors
  • Creating flows with real world scenarios
  • Moving the data continuously between the multiple systems through Flows
  • Creating business process flows for automating the enterprise process
Module 3: Power Automate Introduction to Expressions
  • Fetching Dynamic Content in Flows
  • Introduction To Expressions
  • Use Expressions To Fetch Dynamic content in Flow
  • Expression Exercise and Testing
  • Introduction to switch statements and conditions in Flows
  • Parallel Branching In Flows
Module 5: Approval Flows
  • Introduction To Power Automate Approval Flows
  • Understanding Approval Flows in depth
  • Creating employee leave system with Approval Flows
Module 7: Developer Insights to Power Automate
  • Best Practices In Power Automate
  • Error Handling In Power Automate
  • Documentation in Power Automate
Module 4: Advance Functions in Power Automate
  • Introduction To HTTP requests
  • Working with HTTP requests
  • Parsing JSON in Power Automate
  • Handling HTTP requests In Power Automat


Module 6: Personal Automation through Power Automate Desktop
  • Recording the Actions and Steps on desktop
  • Working with the files stored in the local machine folder
  • Automation of day today tasks with Power Automate desktops