Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management – CRM) is designed to help you manage your client relationships by streamlining your processes, centralizing client information, providing analysis, and enabling responsive customer service. As a leading cloud-based business solution, this application is built to enhance the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams with data analysis, intelligent insights provided by business intelligence, and campaign management.

Prerequisites :

No minimum qualification is mandatory for joining this course

Exam MB-910: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) - Training

This exam covers the customer engagement features and capabilities of Dynamics 365 apps. Candidates of this exam should have a fundamental understanding of customer engagement principles, business operations, and general computer skills.

Course Details

1. One to One Training Sessions
2. Official Training Content
3. Daily 1Hr. or Weekends 2Hrs. (Sat. & Sun.) Training Sessions
4. No. of Days 30, No. of Hours -30
5. Recordings of each session

Syllabus of Master in Dynamics 365 CE/CRM

Introduction to Dynamics 365 CE

• Overview of Dynamics CE
• Overview of Sales module
• Overview of Marketing Module
• Overview of Service Module

Introduction to Model Driven App

• Introduction To Model Driven App and Dynamics 365
• Introduction To Power Platform centre
• Introduction to Dataverse
• Initial Setup and Configuration

Deep Dive in Model Driven App

• Creation Of Custom Tables
• Adding Attributes to Tables
• Out Of Box Attribute Types
• Creating custom Entities and attributes
• Understating Out of Box and Custom Forms
• Relationships in Dynamics 365
• Creating sample model driven app

Views and Relationship in Model Driven App

• Introduction To Views
• Different types of Views
• Creation of Personal/System Views
• Overview of Relationships
• Different types of relationships

Security Model in Dynamics CE

• Introduction To security Model in Dynamics 365
• Business Unit in Dynamics 365
• Security Roles in Dynamics 365
• Owner and Access Team
• Field Security Profile Dynamics 365

Reporting in Dynamics CE

• Introduction to charts and Dashboards
• Creation of Interactive Dashboard
• Creation of Reports

JavaScript in Dynamics CE

• Overview of client-side code
• Different events to call JavaScript Code
• Implementation with example

Process in Dynamics CE

• Business Rules
• Business Process Flow
• Actions
• OOB Workflow
• Custom Workflow
• Implementation with example

Introduction to Power Automate

• Overview of Power Automate
• Dataverse connection with Power Automate
• Implementation with example

Plugin in Dynamics CE

• Overview of Plugin
• Overview of Plugin Pipeline
• Pre validation event
• Pre-Operation Event
• Post-Operation Event
• Implementation with example