Part of Supply Chain Management, warehouse capability in Business Central can be implemented in different complexity levels depending on a company’s processes and order volume. The main difference is that activities are performed order-by-order in basic warehousing, while they are consolidated for multiple orders in advanced warehousing.

Warehouse Management Systems – Manage items on a bin level. Pick and put away items in a bin and move items between bins using a report that optimizes space using picking processes.

Warehouse Receipt – Enable warehouse workers to create a put-away from the receipt.

Warehouse Shipment – Enable warehouse workers to create a pick from the shipment.

Bin Setup – Easily set up and maintain your bins by defining both the layout of your warehouse and dimensions of your racks, columns, and shelves.

Bin/Pick/SKUs – Organize your warehouse by assigning items to bins, the smallest unit in the warehouse logical structure. Enable warehouse workers to create a pick or put-away from the released order. Also, manage stock keeping units (SKUs).

Automated Data Capture System – Capture data automatically. Keep data accurate, even in a hectic